What is Amazon Quiz? Daily Amazon Quiz Answers

Amazon is a cloud computing and online sales company based in the United States. Jeff Bezos established the company on July 5, 1994. In terms of overall sales and market value, it is the world’s largest online store.

About Amazon Quiz

Amazon Quiz has gone popular on electronic media. It is a contest app that you can access through Amazon’s mobile app. The contest is scheduled from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.

so you must log in to your account between those periods to participate in the contest. Although many app users attempt the contest to win the prizes, only one will be chosen as the winner after the lucky draw.

To be entered into the lucky draw and win the prize, you must properly answer the five questions, which were mostly about current affairs and general knowledge, offering four options for each.

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The lucky draw is among all the participants who had answered all the five questions properly. A random draw will be conducted at the ending of the Contest Period, with a total of 100 attendees being chosen as finalists.

Each of the claimed champions will be eligible to win Rs. 5,000 in Amazon Pay balance. Only one award will be granted to each winner under this Contest.


Every day, the company presents a range of gifts and prizes to its users and winners. In the past, some of the most incredible prizes awarded to winners were Apple iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Apple Watches, cash awards, and many others. The winners will be contacted through SMS and email.

Eligibility criteria:

There are a few points to bear in mind when using the contest app. As previously said the contest is only available for app users and does not have a desktop version, so you’ll need to download the app on your Android or iPhone.

Moreover, you should have an Amazon account to participate in the contest; however, you may immediately create one using the app if you do not have an account.

You will not be able to participate in the test if you are an Amazon Prime member, so keep that in mind. The participant’s age must be at least 18 years of age, and he or she must be a legal citizen of India with evidence of age.

The participant must select India as their current state of nationality in their Amazon account settings and have a billing address in India.

A legitimate proof of identification and age in the form of a copy of your PAN card, driving license, voter ID, or Indian passport is required.

Workers of Amazon and their relatives (married couples, domestic partners, parents, grandparents, siblings, kids, and grandkids) and company associates, consultants, and marketing agencies are not eligible to join the Contest.

How to play The Amazon Quiz:

  1. Simply download the Amazon App.
  2. Launch the application and log in to it, but if you won’t have any account then create a new one.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Quiz Banner.
  4. Start by pressing the Play button.
  5. Complete the contest by answering the given questions.
  6. There’s also a chance to win some incredible goods.
Authentication of the lucky draw:

If you are concerned about the authenticity of the lucky draw, you no longer need to be concerned because Amazon Quiz will not do anything that will diminish the company’s worth, and it also publishes the names of the winners daily.

Furthermore, if the awards referenced above have surprised you then you should consider that a company that spends billions of dollars on its commercial enterprise then offers products worth a few lakh dollars as prizes are nothing more than a cup of tea.

If you’re still concerned about the Amazon Quiz negative reviews on the internet, let me clarify that while millions of people participate in and play the contest, the number of prizes is limited, which means that the number of chances to win and receive a prize is limited among those millions of people

Always keep a positive attitude and try your luck because you never know what fate has in store for you. Only God knows, and your fortune could be with you today, tomorrow, or the next day.

So just give it your all because the only thing you’re looking to invest is your time. However, according to our research, the contest is a safe and reliable source.

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Chances of winning the Amazon Daily Quiz:

The correct answers in the contest determine the majority of your chances of winning. Applications that match the above-mentioned eligibility criteria and follow the procedures outlined in the introduction and how to play section are considered eligible and had more chances to win the contest and earn expensive prizes and awards.

To notify winners:

After the contest period had ended, organizers held a random drawing to choose the winners, who were then notified through SMS or email.

Prize drawing:

The winners were randomly chosen by a drawing at the end of the contest and notified through email or SMS to the finalists.

By entering the Contest, you agree that you have valid evidence of identification and age in the form of documentation, such as a PAN card, driver’s license, passport, or voter ID, and that you will provide these documents when requested for the investigation.

However, if the documents do not match the finalist, the company has the power to invalidate the reward that the participant had claimed.

Furthermore, all finalists should collect their prize within 30 days after getting notified; otherwise, the prize will be declared canceled for the participant if it is not claimed by the deadline.

The firm will supply all of the necessary information and instructions for collecting the reward and you will be required to visit a specific website supplied by the company and provide specified information.

There is no guarantee of the prize existing circumstance, and there is no substitute reward. However, in some cases, if the issue is beyond the company’s control, the company will offer an award of equal or greater value to assist the participant.

However, if the chosen finalist does not react to the firm’s notification or the message within the time limit set by the company, or if the contest questions are answered improperly, he or she will be disqualified from earning the award.

Prize delivery requirements:

If you were awarded more than $600, you must present the company with tax information for monitoring and billing purposes.

Amazon’s secure system validates your provided information with the IRS, and authentication of the provided information will only need to be done once for each user.

The information you provided is not shared with the presenters. Moreover, in order to claim the prize, you must complete this process within the time frame established by the company; otherwise, you will be ineligible for the prize or it will be canceled.

Amazon provided a variety of prizes to the participants, ranging from cash to technological goods; however, if you were given a non-digital prize, it will be sent to you directly, via either standard shipping or free shipping, as these are the two methods for sending a product directly to the customer.

Here you should keep in mind some generic shipping information, such as the fact that you will not receive individual tracking information for the given package. Despite the fact that the digital prizes you were awarded were directly credited to your Amazon account.

There are occasional instances where you may not receive your prize because it was either damaged or lost or did not arrive at all. In these cases, you do not need to contact the host; instead, you should contact the company’s customer care and inform them of your prize confirmation mail, which you should show them.

So that they can verify your legitimacy and assist you in obtaining a replacement reward for the damaged and lost one.

Moreover, there is no way to return or exchange a reward once it has been guaranteed to you. So, if you are dissatisfied with the reward and would not want it, you have no other choice except to give it to someone who truly needs it and will appreciate it.

Privacy policy:

Participating in the event implies that you agree or grant permission to the company and its associates to use your personal data, such as your sound, photo, name, personality, and presence in any documentary, picture, audio files, or other media, merely for contest-related purposes, and that they may use it for future promotions and contests.

You agreed that the company and its affiliates have full ownership of the data you saved about the things, and the company has the authority to use this for marketing, sales, events, competitions, or whatever else they want.

You agree to give the company complete ownership of your photographs, identity, voices, and other personal information.

Apart from branding, there are many more ways or applications for which a firm can utilize your personal details. Graphics, demonstrations, video recordings, photocopies, newsletters, magazines, commercials, teaching materials, and their promotion are all examples.

However, these applications are limited; any medium you are familiar with now, as well as future invented mediums and technologies, such as the internet, will have many more usages.

Furthermore, you agree that if a corporation utilizes your personal information for its own gain, you will not be allowed to prosecute or get any compensation, and you gave complete rights to the corporation, its affiliates, and employees to use your private information, and you agreed not to pursue them if they used it for any promotion or other purpose.

The competition is governed by Indian law, which is supervised by the Indian government. Any request for benefit transfer, allocation, or forgiveness from anyone will not be considered, and no one will be granted any kind of favor.

The rights to all intellectual property were reserved. You should be aware that all of the contest’s terms and conditions, as well as the company’s decisions, will be comprehensive and final, and you will be bound by them.

No one can claim anything if the company fails to enforce the terms and conditions in any situation, and doesn’t consider the situation would be used as a release form of the terms and conditions.

The company’s terms and conditions were regulated by Indian law, and if a dispute has arisen as a result of the statement, it would be strictly resolved by the courts in New Delhi.

Additional terms:

The company is not liable for any award that is destroyed, misplaced, delayed, or for incorrect entry information, if the mistake is made by you or by something else, such as any devices as well as software that is used in the contest, or whether the mistake is made due to any mechanical problem or during entry.

If there is any kind of error during the submissions, transfer of records, robbery, fraud, damage, illegal access to the records, improper functioning of your smartphone, desktop, and you do not receive any access information on time due to these technical issues or traffic issues on the site, the company is not responsible.

Furthermore, if your computer or mobile phone is damaged as a result of downloading any contest-related content, the firm is not responsible.

Moreover, Amazon reserves the right to dismiss any contestant at any time if he or she will be discovered to be interfering with the registration phase, disrupting the contests or website’s functioning, or interfering with the mobile application.

Likewise, acting disrespectfully and violating the rules and regulations, as well as participating with the intention to abuse, offend, or frighten anybody, will result in the participant’s suspension.

If you use a shortcut to register, such as computer systems, programming, or any other automated system, and your registration procedure isn’t really completed, your registration again for the competition will be refused.


Indeed, the amazon quiz is run only on the basis of “great efforts,” and participation is entirely voluntary, and it is a fantastic opportunity to not only win valuable prizes and awards but also to gain knowledge about current events and general knowledge by participating in the contest.

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