Amazon Gaming Weekend Quiz, (1 Winner) Win Rs 50,000

You can take the Amazon Gaming Weekend Quiz once more. Get a chance to make a good sum of money

Description of Amazon Gaming Weekend Quiz:

The Amazon Gaming Weekend Quiz is a competition that takes place this weekend. It is organized by Amazon. Anyone in India who has the Amazon app can play.

The contest is not newly launched. Rather, it was released earlier. However, due to the festival season, the contest is being refreshed and relaunched.

Amazon wants to keep giving out presents to the contestants. As a result, Amazon reintroduced the competition over the weekend.

Previously, Amazon’s main focus was on holding contests on special occasions such as festivals and grand sales.

You may have noticed that Amazon is intending to improve its contest themes and give gaming weekends to you. So that you may relax on the weekend after a long week of work. Additionally, enter the competition for a chance to win some fantastic prizes.

Amazon never misses an opportunity to hold a contest. Amazon simply wanted to boost the number of people using its platform. Because this will greatly benefit Amazon.

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Benefits of Amazon Gaming Weekend Quiz:

The app is used to compete in the contest. It’s a fantastic one. The winners can get a handsome cash award of Rs 50,000 from the contest team.

You only have to register yourself and answer a few basic questions. With each question, you’ll be offered extra options to choose from.

The prize money is huge, but it will only be given to one winner.

Yes, just one candidate will be chosen for the contest and will receive the cash award.

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From October 30th, 2021, the contest will be active in the app. It will be accessible till November 15th, 2021.

Anyone interested in competing can check out the contest between these dates.

The results will be available on the company’s official website in the coming days.

After the winner is announced, the candidates will be notified as well.

You will all be required to supply a valid Gmail ID as well as a cell phone number. Because the finalist will be contacted through the methods mentioned.

The award money will be distributed as soon as possible.

The competition will only be restricted to Indian residents who want to play and win. Residents must be 18 years and older to be accepted.

Personnel, staff, and workers from Amazon are not allowed to participate. They, as well as their family members, are also forbidden to participate.

If a candidate is crowned champion, he or she should be required to present verification of identity.

Directions for Playing Amazon Gaming Weekend Quiz:

You’ll need the Amazon app to win the Amazon Gaming Weekend Quiz. The application is now only accessible on the App Store or Google Play Store. It may be downloaded to your iPhone or Android device.

You’ve got the app now. You must first log in to your Amazon account to use the app.  It is possible if you have an existing account.

You’ll need to establish an account if you don’t have one already.

It’s now your chance. Simply type the name of the Funzone into the search engine. Because the Funzone is the only main category that covers all the competitions.

The competition you’re looking for, such as “Amazon Gaming Weekend Quiz”, can be found in the Funzone.

From the menu, choose the contest image. The quiz will begin.

On the screen, questions will be displayed. Answer each of the given questions accurately in the given time.

Make sure you save a position in the lucky draw.

Lastly, you should wait for notification of the outcomes.

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