Amazon Fast and Easy Amazon Pay Quiz, 100 Winners

Amazon Fast and Easy Amazon Pay Quiz

What is Amazon Fast and Easy Amazon Pay Quiz:

Amazon fast and easy amazon pay quiz is a new contest that the firm is hosting as one of the most popular amazon pay games nowadays. Last month, the given contest was added to the company’s game page.

Now, the e-commerce site has revised the contest for its consumers to engage them and provide them with a fantastic opportunity to win incredible prizes.

As soon as the prime day announcement was made, the corporation determined and focused on designing more and more contests, which is why the e-commerce platform is much more careful of its award games and busy with launching more and more contests, of which the given competition is also one.

If you wish to enter the Amazon Fast and Easy Amazon Pay Quiz, keep in mind that it is not presently available or that you will not be able to discover it in the fun zone or elsewhere.

To find the contest, download the browser and search for the fun zone, then tap on the amazon pay part and go inside, where you should be able to find the contest that you’re looking for by scrolling up and down.

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The Amazon Fast and Easy Amazon Pay Quiz are one of the most recent contests currently being held under the supervision of the company. You can participate in and enjoy the event from August 1st to August 31st, 2021.

Under the terms of the event, the company will choose 100 contestants as champions in total.

The champions will be chosen in a fortunate lottery held after the game, and the top 100 winners will each receive Rs 1000 in the Amazon pay balance. The champions will be presented with their prize before or on August 31, 2021.

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How to play:

  1. To participate in the Amazon Fast and Easy Amazon Pay Quiz, just go to Google Play Store or the Apple Store and download the Amazon app.
  2. Open an account with your current login information or create a new one.
  3. Look for the reward Games area, which will take you to the contest you are looking for and choose it to enter the Amazon Fast and Easy Amazon Quiz.
  4. Select the option to play.
  5. Enjoy the contest and answer the given questions to enroll into the lucky draw and win amazing prizes.

Eligibility criteria:

You must be 18 years old or older to participate in the Amazon Fast and Easy Amazon Pay Quiz and win the prize. The tournament is only open to Indian nationals who can prove their age and nationality.

You should be required to give the corporation legal and valid documents proving your age and citizenship as an Indian citizen. An Indian passport, PAN card, voter ID, driving license, or any other document connected to these may be included.

If you win the Amazon Fast and Easy Amazon Pay Quiz, you must present these documents to claim and collect your prize. In the app’s details, you should identify India as your present residence and nationality. Employees of the e-commerce company, as well as their relatives, are not allowed to participate because they are not qualified for the contest.

Terms and conditions:

A total of 100 champions will be chosen in the Amazon Fast and Easy Amazon Pay Quiz following a lucky draw, and the victors will be determined by that lucky draw.

There will be no lucky draw during the contest because it is not allowed and strictly prohibited, and indeed the lucky draw will be performed after the contest period.

The successful champions will be notified through email or text message.

Your information shared when using the app and participating in the contest will be handled and treated by the firm’s privacy notice, as the company has already disclosed.

Your mobile number should be validated on Amazon India.

Otherwise, you will be unable to receive the prize you won in the contest.

When you register for a contest and engage in it, the company will assume that you agree to allow the company to use your personal information linked to the contest you entered for promotional purposes. Your picture, video clip, voice, look, name, and other information may be included in the data.

According to the e-commerce service, the corporation has the ability to alter the terms and conditions that were created for the particular contest.

It is entirely up to the company’s choice whether to continue the contest or cancel it at any point.

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