Amazon Diwali Edition Spin and Win Quiz, Win Rs 30,000 and OnePlus 9 5G

The Amazon Diwali Edition Spin and Win Quiz is presented to app users now. Take part and have fun with the Quiz. You also have a chance to win fantastic gifts.

Characteristics of Amazon Diwali Edition Spin and Win Quiz:

The Amazon Diwali Edition Spin and Win Quiz is a new quiz that has just been released. It’s available in the Funzone category of the Amazon app.

The app’s Funzone category comprises all of the various contests that have been released.

The competition was announced during the festival season. This is due to Amazon’s desire to create a mood of passion in the celebration of festivals.

In reality, the competition is quite simple. It’s similar to previous contests that have been held.

A question will be presented to you. You must be able to answer that question successfully. If you reply appropriately and on time, you’ll be qualified for a big prize.

The questions will not be relevant to the contest’s theme this time. They are, in fact, distinct from it.

The forthcoming Diwali celebration is the reason for holding this competition. Amazon wanted to wish everyone a happy Diwali.

Amazon also intends to use the contest to welcome the Diwali celebrations.

In India, Diwali is a huge celebration. It is India’s biggest festival of the year.

Gifts will be presented to friends and relatives on the occasion of Diwali. It is an occasion of Happiness for everyone.

Amazon has arranged the competition to maintain the practice of sending gifts to one another.

You might recall the great Indian celebration. During this time, Amazon ran several contests on the Funzone.

image of Characteristics of Amazon Diwali Edition Spin and Win Quiz

Now the great Indian festival is towards its conclusion. As a result, when the great Indian festival came to an end, the Amazon shifted its attention to the Diwali festival.

This time Amazon is offering contests one after the other in preparation for Diwali.

Benefits of Amazon Diwali Edition Spin and Win Quiz:

Participate in the Amazon Diwali Edition Spin and Win Quiz this Diwali. Have a chance to win a large cash award.  The competition finalists will get a OnePlus 9 5G smartphone as well as a cash prize of up to Rs 30,000.

You have a good chance of winning one of the grand prizes. No one should have to miss this chance.

You can also win Rs 30,000, Rs 20,000, Rs 10,000, and Rs 5,000 in addition to the OnePlus 9 5G smartphone.

Wow! This is fantastic. Amazon is providing you with numerous benefits and chances.

It is advised that you should enter the competition as soon as possible. Because of the prizes available, the contest is extremely valuable.

The competition will run on the app from October 30th until November 15th, 2021.

The qualified contestants’ results will be released the following day, on November 16th, 2021.

The outcomes will be publicly disclosed on the company’s official website.

In addition, the lucky candidates will be notified personally by email and SMS. As a result, you should provide a genuine mailing address and phone number while registering.

The winning prizes will be sent to approved applicants until January 31, 2022. Until then, the applicants will have to wait.

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Playing Instructions for Amazon Diwali Edition Spin and Win Quiz:

The Amazon Diwali Edition Spin and Win Quiz is in the form of a Spin and Win game.

It contains a wheel as well as a pointer. The wheel consists of six sections. Each section is composed of incentives.

However, there is only one empty section. You must spin the wheel. You should ensure that it does not stop on the empty section.

If the wheel starts to slow down on an empty section, you will be disqualified. When the wheel starts to slow down on any prize, you will be asked a question.

To get the reward over which the wheel has stopped, answer the provided question. Then, by successfully addressing the question, you’ll be included in the lucky draw.

The lucky draw is the phase in which the winner of this game is picked.

To start the competition you have to download the Amazon App. Because the competition is for an app user.  As a result, download the app and log in.

All of the contest subcategories are available in the Funzone category of the app.

There are four contests in the Funzone’s subcategory “Gaming Weekend Festival Edition.” The first “Spin and Win” image is the one you have to go with.

You’ll find the contest image you’re looking for inside the “Spin and Win” image. The contest is called “Amazon Diwali Edition Spin and Win Quiz.” Tape the contest to go with it.

Now, turn the wheel and follow the above-mentioned instructions.

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