Amazon Children’s Day Quiz, (winner 1) Wins Rs 25,000

For its app users, Amazon is preparing the month’s biggest gifts. The Amazon Children’s Day Quiz can now be played.

Features of Amazon Children’s Day Quiz:

The Amazon Children’s Day Quiz is a new quiz contest. It is the month’s biggest contest to you by Amazon.

Amazon is now running a huge Indian festival sale. Amazon is launching contests on a daily basis to publicize the sale.

It also holds contests to showcase all of the products available on Amazon’s marketplace. As a result, during the festival sale, the given contest is made available on the Amazon app.

Every year on November 14th, India commemorates Children’s Day. This is due to the fact that India’s most famous political figure and first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, was born on the same day.

As a result, India designated his birthday as Children’s Day. The quiz was created by Amazon in order to raise awareness. Amazon wanted to make everyone aware of Global Children’s Day.

It also strives to highlight the contributions of children to the advancement of the globe.

In the contest, candidates will be asked a total of 5 questions. Each question comprises further possible options. Candidates have to choose any one appropriate option for each question.

The questions you will be presenting during the competition are about those children.

Benefits of Amazon Children’s Day Quiz:

image of Benefits of Amazon Children’s Day Quiz

The Amazon Children’s Day Quiz is an amazing contest. It gave handsome cash rewards to winners as well.

The winners of the game will be provided Rs 25,000 each. It will facilitate only one candidate with the amount.

To get such a huge cash amount at your doorstep is fantastic. You only have to play the quiz which can be available from the 5th of November 2021 to the 18th of November 2021.

The results of the qualified candidates will be uploaded on Amazon’s website on 19th November 2021. Therefore, contestants need to consult the website for official outcomes.

Moreover, on 30th November 2021, the prizes will be distributed among applicants.

Guidelines for Playing Amazon Children’s Day Quiz:

Get the Amazon app free of cost from Google play store or the app store.

Put your Amazon account details on the app to get access to it.

Funzone is the main category, contains all contests. Contestants have to search for it in the search box.

Results will appear now after the search. Follow the “Biggest prizes this season” subcategory, inside Funzone.

The mentioned subcategory contains the contest which you are going to play. It is mentioned as children’s day quiz | answer and win Rs 25,000 on the image. But the actual name of the contest is Amazon Children’s Day Quiz, tap to proceed.

Questions are now presented to you. Solve the questions properly to reserve a spot in the random draw.

Random draw always decides the champion for the contest.

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Conditions for Playing Amazon Children’s Day Quiz:

The people living in India with legitimate proof can participate in the competition.

The age limit for the contestants is 18 and above.

The company has the complete right to use your given data while registering. Your data may be used for advertising and marketing purposes. It may include your name, identity, voice recording or a video clip etc.

The Amazon Company has the authority to discontinue the competition at any time. Along with that, the e-commerce company can also change the contest rules and regulations at any time.

The company will deliver the prizes at the mentioned time. The champions will also be informed to collect their prize on time.

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