Amazon Book Reader Quiz, Win Kindle Oasis (4th-17th August)

Amazon Book Reader Quiz is a competition that the corporation hosts for its customers to participate in and win fantastic rewards.

About Amazon Book Reader Quiz

As you may be aware, Amazon is an e-commerce company where you may buy any product you require. Similarly, it provided a diverse selection of books to its customers.

As a result, the primary goal of this competition is to promote these fantastic books while also allowing participants to enjoy self-reading.

The firm had both a physical and a digital library from which you could advantage depending on your preference, therefore the contest’s goal was to promote and market the available books while also testing the participants’ knowledge of the books in the company’s library.

The Amazon Book Reader Quiz will be open to Indian people starting August 4th, 2021, and will run until August 17th, 2021. If you are interested, enter the contest during those dates to win a kindle oasis.

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If you are the winner of the contest, your name will be announced the next day after the contest ends, which is August 18, 2021. The prizes awarded under this contest will be delivered or credited to the winners on or before the deadline of October 30, 2021.

How to Play:

  1. You do not need to be worried if you want to participate in the Amazon Quiz (Book Reader) but are unsure how to do so. We’ll guide you into how to enter and play the contest step by step.
  2. First and foremost, you must have the app installed on your phone to register. Because the contest is only available in the app and not on the PC, it is only open to app users. If you don’t already have the app, head to the Google Play Store or the App Store and download it right away on your Android or iPhone.
  3. Next, launch the app and enter your login information, or create a new account using your Gmail ID and password if you don’t already have one.
  4. Now log into your account and scroll up and down the screen until you see the option “games for all | top picks this week.”
  5. You will see a banner or image on the screen, as well as a play button to start the contest, which you must hit to enter the Amazon Book Reader Quiz.
  6. You will now be asked certain questions, which you must correctly answer to be entered into the lucky draw, which will be held among those who successfully answered the questions.
  7. You’ve completed the contest, and the time limit for answering questions has expired. After the contest, you’ll be notified that you’ve qualified for the lucky draw.

Eligibility criteria:

To participate in the Amazon Book Reader Quiz, the contestant must be at least 18 years old and a legal citizen of India with proof of age.

In their company account settings, the participant must select India as their current state of nationality and have an Indian billing address.

A copy of your PAN card, driver’s license, voter ID card, or Indian passport is required as proof of identification and age.

Employees of Amazon, their wives, household members, relatives, grandparents, siblings, children, and grandchildren, as well as corporate colleagues, advisors, and advertising companies, are not eligible to participate in the Contest.

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Terms and conditions:

  • Only one finalist will be chosen as champion via a random lucky draw in the Amazon Book Reader Quiz.
  • After the contest time, a random lucky draw will be done to determine the contest champions.
  • When the winner’s names are announced, they will be notified through email or SMS.
  • When you register for the contest, you give Amazon permission to use all of the information you provide for promotional purposes.
  • The firm had complete control over the contest and may cancel it at any time, as well as modify its policies if necessary.

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