Amazon Alexa Rhythm and Rap Quiz, (1 Winner) Win Echo Dot Smart Speaker

Heal your wounds with the Punjabi songs and music of Gurnazar Chattha. The Amazon Alexa Rhythm and Rap Quiz have done its best to entertain you more and more.

Characteristics of Amazon Alexa Rhythm and Rap Quiz:

Try to discover more and more about Gurnazar Chattha and his music by Amazon Alexa Rhythm and Rap Quiz. It is a competition which Amazon has organized and presented to its App users.

The competition theme is totally different from all the previously introduced ones. Amazon now has faced towards music besides brands, products and services promotion.

Since the competition is based on music, it does not cover global music tastes. Instead, it focuses on Punjabi music and songs. Hence, it’s all about the rap music of India.

Amazon always features things and services, available to Indian nationals. Therefore, this time again it is focusing on the Indian great Punjabi singer, well known for his songwriting as well. He is Gurnazar Chattha. The competition surrounds the music life of Gurnazar Chattha.

There has been a twist in the competition this time. Earlier we always had five questions in each of the competitions, to answer. Now, you only have four questions to solve.

To solve them, candidates now have to follow a new step. All the applicants will be given a Gurnazar Chattha’s video; the video will be about the Echo Dot smart speaker.

Applicants have to watch the video and then should have to solve the questions. The asked questions will be from the featured video that will be given to applicants.

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Advantages of Amazon Alexa Rhythm and Rap Quiz:

The Amazon Alexa Rhythm and Rap Quiz have brought a great bumper prize for the champion.

The gift is worth’s a lot, an ordinary person will be Amazed to have it. The prize is an Echo Dot smart speaker. It is a renowned speaker, featuring soft and clear music. You can even adjust the loudness of it according to your choice.

However, only one contestant will be awarded the Echo Dot smart speaker from overall candidates.

Try your luck to be the first lucky champion getting the amazing speakers.

Participating and playing the game is necessary to have fantastic speakers. Enjoy the game from the 24th of December 2021 to the 25th of January 2022. Applicants have the whole month to take benefit from the competition.

Once the game has been concluded, the winner’s list will be published on Amazon’s website. The single lucky champion will be informed personally so that he/she will collect their reward.

The expected deadline for delivering the prizes to the owner is the 31st of January 2022. The winner will have to wait till the deadline.

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Guidelines for Participating in Amazon Alexa Rhythm and Rap Quiz:

The competition is played only on the app; therefore contestants should first get the Amazon app. It should be installed on their smartphones. Afterwards, applicants need to make his/her personal account to use the app.

Once the applicants get access to the App, they are required to go with the Funzone category, among all of the given ones.

Now, Funzone should be consulted and checked carefully to find the competition “Amazon Alexa Rhythm and Rap Quiz”. Go with the competition and play it step by step, solving the queries and entering into the random draw.

Terms & Conditions for Amazon Alexa Rhythm and Rap Quiz:

There are a number of terms and conditions to participate in the competition, some of which are as follow:

To be 18 years of age is the most important condition. Following that being an Indian individual is also necessary.

Individuals connected to the Amazon Company for any reason, either staff labourers etc can’t participate. Unfortunately, their families, relatives and even friends are also prohibited from taking part in it.

The lucky draw is the one and only way through which the champions are shortlisted.

It is in the hands of the firm to decide the matters related to the competition. It includes the number of champions, prizes and the continuation and discontinuation of the game.

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