Google Pay Festive Quiz, Win Rs 399 off on Ajio, Cashback offers and more

Make your November special with Google Pay Festive Quiz. Get amazing cashback offers and remarkable discounts.

Characteristics of Google Pay Festive Quiz:

The Google Pay Festive Quiz is a brand new quiz contest. The contest is presented to you by Google Pay.

All the interested candidates must have Google Pay app to participate in the quiz because it is an app contest.

After Amazon and Flipkart, now Google Pay has started to design and launch contests for its app users. With the contest, Google Pay desire to increase the people’s traffic on its app.

However, Google Pay intends to enhance its payment platform. Therefore, it has started introducing different competitions from its payment platform.

The reason for launching contests by Google Pay is to evaluate how much an individual knows about festivals.

It also intends to know the individual’s knowledge regarding the ongoing and forthcoming festivals. Along with that it also aims to evaluate the level of people’s interest in the T20 Cricket World Cup.

Nowadays in India, the celebrations are at their peak due to Diwali.

Moreover, you all know that India has suffered much due to COVID-19. But now as the situation is much better, so everyone wants to celebrate the festivals with full energy and enthusiasm.

Because of all this Amazon and Flipkart had introduced numerous competitions on their mobile apps.

In addition, both the e-commerce companies had carried out large scale sales. So that customers can purchase things on their platforms and gain rewards.

image of Characteristics of Google Pay Festive Quiz

On the other hand, Google Pay is giving its best through its app. It has tried its best to influence people to purchase things from its platform. As a result of which you can earn numerous rewards.

One can earn rewards by participating in the contest and competing.

Guidelines for Participating in Google Pay Festive Quiz:

Having an app is crucial to participate in the competition.

The Google Pay App can be easily downloaded on your smartphone from Google Play Store or the App Store without any charge.

To use the app you have to sign up for the account. You can either sign in to your existing one.

Different contest sections will appear. You have to follow the offer categories. It will lead you to the actual contest poster i.e. Google Pay Festive Quiz.

A start option will be given there, press it.

Now you’ll be given the question which you have to solve. There are a total of 5 questions. Solve one by one in the given time.

You will be given a reward for successfully completing the question-answer phase.

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Advantages of Google Pay Festive Quiz:

The Google Pay Festive Quiz is a new standard contest that is presented by Google Pay.

It offers some incredible rewards for those who compete and win the contest. This time a wide variety of rewards are offered by Google Pay.

If you complete your payments through the Google Pay platform, you can get a cashback offer. This comprises of Rs 600 back.

But to get these huge cashback offers you have to pay your six different payments through Google Pay.

There are also many more other cashback and discount offer available from which you’ll be facilitated.

So, it is advised to all the app users to take part in this interesting competition from Google Pay. You can take part in the competition on daily basis.

The contest due date is not confirmed yet. But it is come to know that it will be concluded on the 6th of November 2021. You’ll be informed of your success at the same time on the screen once the contest is ended.

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